Multan Sultans song by Rijas Mohsin

Introducing the new Sultan for Multan- Rijas Mohsin

Taking Sultans towards #SomeWhatSuper – Multan Sultans song

Multan Sultans song by Rijas Mohsin. The Bahawalpuri rapper- Rijas Mohsin made a Sultani effort in order to design a Multan Sultans song that is based on really pumping and enthusiastic lyrics. Proclaiming SomewhatSuper about Multan Sultans. He is now added to the Sultans crew. The song is just a perfect example of positive rap music. It clarifies all the miss-conceptions regarding rap music.

Multan Sultans song Lyrics:

Here is a glimpse on the passionate and devoted lyrics of the new song:

“ Gaarr thay jhanda tera h maaida’n,

teri hi udaan hai tu hai aasma’n,

sab sey oonchi hai ye teri parwaaz,

Tu hai Sulta’n tu hai Multa’n,

rokey tokey kon hai ye kis ki majaal,

tu hai shahee’n terey apnay jaha’n,

nayi dourr naya dor naya hai muqaam,

tu hai sultan’n to hai Multa’n”.

Briefing about the miss conceptions about the rap music Mohsin told that rapping is not all about negative singing, it somewhat that inspires you to do something extraordinary in your life. He says that pop music is something that takes a permanent place in your soul and forces you to do something energetic. He says that rap music is not about negativity it depends upon the people or person who is performing it, and his approach to this music is really important to showcase the public that rapping is not that thing which people think.

This young talent has got the motive to prove the positivity of this music not only across the country but all across the globe. He believes that rapping is everything to him and for the whole globe.

Multan Sultans song Ideology:

Clarifying about the idea behind the song, Rijas told, “My friend Adnan asked me to approach immediately and asked if I could comprise any type of rap on any topic?“, he replied that he could. Asking about the reason about that question Adnan said, “There is a new team going to be introduced in the upcoming season of the Pakistan Super League, a number of singers have made their attempts in order to prepare anthems for the different teams like Lahore Qalandars etc.” He said that Adnan gave him the idea to compose a song on Multan Sultans team, and he started working on it.

Entailing about approaching towards the Multan Sultans team, he said that they were helpless and nothing without the professional studio, He shared his problems in front of Adnan and he approached Mr. Hammad: dealing Multan Sultans, through social media and requested him to check out their work. Rijas told that Mr. Hammad liked their work and appreciated their efforts. Then Mr. Hammad meted them and gave them a scenario that is #SomeWhatSuper.

The lyrics involve hopes, expectations and the best wishes for the Multan Sultans. This motivation can lift up the morale of Multan Sultans players. Let’s hope we’ll have some more of those wishes in the full version of the track.

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