Multan Sultans song by Babar Khan

Babar’s support to his team by Preparing a Multan Sultans Song

Multan Sultans song is also prepared by the young Pakistani singer Babar Khan. Though, this young artist doesn’t have any sort of fame. But Babar makes an outstanding effort to support his home team through his song. We have seen a few days ago, that a couple artists like Rijas Mohsin and Rooman Malik dedicated their songs to the Multan Sultans. And now 23 years old, Babar Khan made an effort to his team by dedicating a song.

If we go a few weeks ago, we saw Rijas Mohsin from Bahawalpur prepared a song for Multan Sultans team. He added some of the Rapping ascend into his track. Then in the last week, we saw Rooman Malik: the student of Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan, made some sort of Punjabi and Saraiki blend in his song for Multan Sultans. But, Babar opted for a mixture of pop and rap twist in his song.

Multan Sultans song Lyrics:

Here are the lyrics of the wonderful Multan Sultans song:

“Aagaye maedan mei hum chaahtey’n smetney..

Ley kay jaye’n gay ye trophy apni hi lapait mein..

Tootnay na dey’n gay jo tum sab ky hum pr maan hain..

Dil jalo’n ka chain hain hum, aashiqo’n ki jaan hain…

Bach k rehna hum sey hum Multan ke Sultan hain..

Bach k rehna hum sey hum Multan ke Sultan hain..”

The lyrics uncoil the dominant approach of the Sultans towards their campaign. It is accepted worldwide that Sultans in their eras of sovereignty had an entire control on their Sultanate. Babar in his song tried to entail that approach accompanied by a Sultan in his operation.

Lyrics Conceptions:

“Aagaye maedan mei hum chaahtey’n smetney”, these lines give a caution to the people that Multan Sultans have made their ways into the Pakistan Super League 2018. The Sultans are ready to win the people’s hearts by their brilliant performances. “Ley kay jaye’n gay ye trophy apni hi lapait mein..”, decodes that they are ready to remove every kind of obstacles coming into their road to triumph. Sultans will give their 100% to lift up the trophy of the third edition of Pakistan Super League. “Tootnay na dey’n gay jo tum sab ky hum pr maan hain..”, people from not only from Pakistan but other countries also are expecting a jam-pack show from the Multan Sultans Army. Babar in his Multan Sultans song makes a commitment that the Sultans will not let your expectations down.

“Dil jalo’n ka chain hain hum aashiqo’n ki jaan hain…”, these lines uncoils a very important fact about Multan Sultans Franchise, that this franchise is based on the ideology to support their own people. Sultans have great faith in bringing a smile on the faces of his lovers. “Bach k rehna hum sey hum Multan ke Sultan hain..”, is a warning to all the aspects in the world who want to demote the Multan Sultans Sultanate. They should keep in mind that we are the Sultans of Multan, having great warriors in the history.

As we all know that Multan Sultans is earning a good repute since it’s coming into being. People from all over Pakistan i.e. from Khyber to Karachi are showing a great passion towards Multan Sultans team. The percentage of the supporters or lovers of Multan Sultans is rapidly increasing. What attracts the people towards Sultans is the Loyalty, Spirituality and the essence of the great Saints like Hazrat Bahauddin Zakariya etc. to the City of Saints. Therefore, different musical personalities are making their contributions in the form of songs for Multan Sultans.

Multan Sultans team is going to be led by the Pakistani star performer Shoaib Malik. Multan has the Sultan of Swing Wasim Akram as the Team manager, Tom Moody to play his role as a Head Coach. The South African all-rounder Johan Botha as an Assistant Director. Other demanding players in the T20 format of cricket like Kieron Pollard, Imran Tahir, Kumar Sangakkara, Ahmad Shahzad, Sohail Tanvir, Junaid Khan, Sohaib Maqsood etc. are the part of Multan Sultans team 2018.

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