Sultans accepts Rooman Malik’s Multan Sultans song

Multan Sultans song was released on 25th January, 2018

A couple of weeks ago Rooman Malik prepared a Multan Sultans song to support Sultans team. His effort to support his team has earned him a brilliant reward. Multan Sultans owner and management accepted Rooman’s song.  He released that song on 25th January 2018. Multan Sultans owner (Asher Schon) appreciated Rooman Malik for his well-deserved love for Multan Sultans team.

Multan Sultans ceremony was held on 24th January 2018. Rooman Malik was invited to that ceremony and the song was officially launched. In his live chat, Rooman said,

I’m very thankful for the Multan Sultans owner, Mr. Nasir Schon and Asher Schon. Who invited me to launch my song on the precious occasion.  The way Multan Sultans lovers and supporters are showing passion, I’m simply loving it.

Multan Sultans’ owner Response:

Multan Sultans management organized a special ceremony for Rooman Malik to launch his song officially. Rooman was very thankful for Asher Schon for his support towards his song. Nasir Schon looked ecstatic about the song and said:

I really appreciate Roman’s effort. The lyrics and the message delivered in the Multan Sultans song are suiting to the Sultan’s caliber. I simply loved this song.

Song and lyrics writer Rooman Malik prepared Multan Sultans song. Rooman is the president of Zakariyan Musical Society at Bahauddin Zakariya University. So, we have another Sultan ready to feature in the Multan Sultans community. He prepared a dedicated Multan Sultans song for Pakistan Super League 2018The title of the song is “Abb bari hai Multan ki”, which was released on 25th January 2018. This song amplifies his love and passion for the Multan Sultans team. His love for his home team urged him to prepare a song which can support Multan Sultan team. Rooman is very much spirited for his team. He wishes them a handsome triumph in the upcoming season of Pakistan Super League.

Multan Sultans song was released in two venues. Firstly, it was released at the Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan. Secondly, it was released at Sabzah Zaar Cowk. The song possesses a great value for Rooman Malik, it’s like a dream comes true for him. Rooman said,

Finally, the goal for which I prepared the song is achieved!

Rooman Malik will officially be part of all the Multan Sultans events. He is now officially the part of Multan Sultans community. He will organize and perform in all the Multan Sultans events. It is also possible that Rooman Malik will perform on the Multan Sultans official ceremony going take place on 4th February 2018. Multan Cricket Stadium will host the great ceremony. Other star performers like Aima Baig, Rijas Mohsin, and the other singers will be the part of the great event. A friendly T20 match will also be played between Sultan XI & Toofan XI.

Multan Sultans song Lyrics:

Multan Sultan…Multan Sultan…Saddi dharti da maan…Multan Sultan.

Abb baari hai Multan ki…

harr baaazi Sultan ki….

maedaan mein jo bhi aa jawey..Sultani sey jo takra jawey..

Multani Chakkay maar kay baazi..maar kay chitt kar jaawey……….

Multan Sultan..Multan Sultan…Saddi Dharti da maan..Multan Sultan…

Rooman Malik is the singer and writer of the song. Jay Ali is the music director. As you can see, the lyrics are based on Multan Sultans’ approach towards the battle-field. “Saddi Dharti da maan”, tells that Multan Sultans are the pride of our country. People are proud of the Sultans team. “Abb bari hai Multan ki”, decodes that this time Multan Sultans gonna rock in the Pakistan Super League 2018. “maedaan mein jo bhi aa jawey..Sultani say jo takra jawey”, warns the opponents that nobody can harm us on the field.

About Rooman Malik:

Rooman Malik was born in Multan. He was persuaded by the “Vital Signs” patriotic songs in the childhood and became passionate about singing since then. He started his singing career in 2011, he is currently serving as the President of Zakariyan Musical society. Inspired by the great singing sensation “Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan”, Rooman has featured in numerous musical concerts. Rooman got a stunning label of working with some greatly talented and leading singers of Pakistan Musical Industry.

He has an experience of working with Bilal Saeed, Sahar Ali Bagga, Amanat Ali, Asad Abbas, Nadeem Abbas, Malko and many more, along with some exciting musical nights like at NCBA & E Multan on 16th December 2018 etc. He has also released his debut single called “Keh Do Agar” on 10th January 2018. His favorite artists are Atif Aslam, Qayaas, Noori, Falak Shabir, Bilal Saeed and Arijit Singh. Rooman loves Rock, Pop-rock, Hard-rock, semi-classical, Acoustic in the band interests.

It seems that Multan Sultans song sensation is getting viral. There are a lot of people supporting Multan Sultans Franchise. There is some artist like Rijas Mohsin, Babar Khan, and Rooman Malik contributed in the form of preparing and dedicating the songs. All these artists earned a good piece of repute out of their songs.

Rooman Malik is very much passionate about music. Music is everything to him. He is not eager to make any sort of compromise on music. He often says,

“I believe if I can’t fly, let me sing!!!!”.

Multan Sultans franchise is making progress by leaps and bounds. The percentage of its supporters and lovers is increasing day by day. A couple of weeks ago we saw that Rijas Mohsin prepared a song for Multan Sultans team. Which earned him a lot of appreciations and fame by the franchise managers. Then we have sawn Babar Khan preparing song for Multan Sultans team. Now, we see Multan Sultans owner and management has officially accepted Rooman Malik’s song.

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